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Our Story

Growing up on my family's farm near Kentland, IN gave me the opportunity to experience the core operations of the farm and intense management behind the business.  After attending college with a major in Ag Equipment Management, I spent a summer working on a farm in North Central Iowa where I was able to see another operation in action.  The market and entire business environment was different due to the high density of local livestock production.  After this truly great experience, I returned to the family farm and took part managing the operation with my Dad, Brother, and Brother-in-law.  The decision to branch out on my own was extremely difficult and was simply a leap of faith which sent me on a journey that I'll never forget.  After many lessons learned and many more to come, I started my own Ag Service Business.

I started ProfitFarm Partners with the main goal in mind of providing a set of services that could be proven consistently profitable for my clients.  Using my farming background with the specific focus on precision agriculture and data management, I organized a set of services that I felt confident would be much needed and would remain crucial in the future of farming.  I'm simply here to help make the lives of my clients easier and more profitable in this ever changing and volatile Agricultural Industry.